Cost-Effective Car Repairs

Fixing the car isn’t something that can be put aside, and with problems occurring on a regular basis, motoring can be costly at the best of times. Good maintenance practices can limit the need to replace parts, but inevitably, things wear out and must be changed, and if you are aware of car wrecking as an industry, affordable solutions are available, whatever make or model you drive.

Recycling usable components

When a car has suffered major collision damage, many of the parts are unaffected, and still in good condition. A car wrecker will dismantle the vehicle, and reuse whatever parts are in good working order. Each component is cleaned and tested, then catalogued and stored, ready for sale. In these days of energy conservation and recycling, it makes perfect sense to utilise car components that are still in good shape. The hard work is taken care of by the car wrecker, who carefully dismantles each vehicle, and the remainder of the vehicle is responsibly recycled.

Cost-effective solutions

The car wrecking industry supplies motorists with reliable used parts, at an affordable price. If you live in Australia, there are wreckers in Adelaide that can supply an extensive range of reconditioned parts, at a fraction of the cost, and reputable car breakers offer a warranty on all parts. One can even search their online inventory by either part or make, thus avoiding a wasted journey.

Dismantling vehicles

A car wrecking yard will have a team of specialists who can quickly dismantle a vehicle, and with cars coming in all the time, there is a substantial inventory, so the chances are, the part you need would be in stock. The parts will be covered by a warranty, and some companies offer a choice of warranties, ranging from a 6-month replacement to a lifetime guarantee.

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A wide range of makes and models

An established car breaker will have a wide range of vehicle parts, including,

  • Holden
  • Ford
  • Toyota
  • Mitsubishi
  • Nissan
  • Mazda
  • Hyundai
  • Subaru

There would also be a few rare vehicles that pass through, and with an online database, it is easy to source any part.

A network of wreckers

Car breakers are all networked, which means they can usually locate any part that they haven’t got in stock. Some car breakers specialise in certain makes, which means they would carry a comprehensive list of components for all the makes and models they work with.

The perils of used parts

Years ago, if you wanted to buy a used car part, you would have to take it off the old vehicle yourself, and of course, there was no guarantee the part will work. The modern car wrecker is somewhat different, as all components are tested before being offered for sale, and this allows the breaker to guarantee the parts. The savings compared to new parts can be as much as 50%, and the components are all genuine and in good working order.

It makes sense to use second hand car parts, not just because it is cheaper, it is also more eco-friendly, and with a warranty, you can be confident the component is in good working order.