Five Tips for Selecting an Auto Body Shop

After you’ve been in an automobile accident, you will need to find an auto body shop to fix your car if it is repairable. Since most cities have several auto body businesses from which to choose, deciding which one to trust may be difficult. Here are five tips to help you select an auto body shop to repair your vehicle.

Call Insurance Company

Before you start looking for an auto body shop for your car, you should call your auto insurance agent. Most insurance companies will have a list of preferred companies that they work with and whose work they will stand behind. However, don’t choose a shop just because your insurance company prefers it, as there may be more than one shop on the list in your area.

Ask About Warranties

When choosing an auto body shop, ask about the warranty on their work and find out if any manufacturer’s warranties that are still in effect on your car will be voided due to work that needs to be done on your vehicle. Ask to see the shop’s warranty on their work so you know exactly what they cover. Most good shops will offer a lifetime warranty on their work.

Make sure any manufacturer’s warranties remaining on your vehicle will not be affected by mechanical repairs and find out if you need to use OEM parts or if aftermarket parts are acceptable. If possible, do everything you can to keep the manufacturer’s warranties intact as it could end up costing you several thousand dollars in the future if you don’t.

Get Several Estimates

Even if your insurance company doesn’t require you to do so, you should get at least three written estimates for the cost of repairing your vehicle. The estimates should be detailed and include the types and costs of parts needed, the labour costs, and the estimated time it will take to complete the repairs. In addition, the estimate should also include the amount covered by your insurance company, although you may have to pay the shop upfront and be reimbursed by an insurance carrier.

Ask About Repair Options

If your car has suffered minimal damage, then you may be able to have it repaired at a shop specialising in paintless dent removal in Perth. Since an insurance company may be covering the cost of repairs, many auto body shops may try to use regular dent repair methods because they are costlier. However, with paintless dent repair you will get your vehicle back faster, and it is less expensive than other types of auto body work.


Examine Contract

Before letting a shop start repairs on your vehicle, make sure to thoroughly read the repair contract before signing it. It should include the types of repairs needed, detailed costs for labour and parts, and the repair options you discussed with them.

Compare it to your written estimate and question any changes to the final contract. Then, once you are satisfied you are going to get what was promised, sign the contract and let them repair your car.