Three Luxury Cars That Separate the Men from the Boys

There are few things that make a man’s blood race like a well-built car. While it is true that all you really need are four wheels to get you from one place to the other, as my mother used to say, it still does matter just what kind of car those four wheels’ support. Getting from point A to point B in style and luxury is still something that most of us aspire towards when we look at each year’s models. So, while we may not all be able to afford the three cars we are looking at today, we can still dream. Hey, I have a great lottery ticket in my back pocket that just might be my ticket to this year’s dream car.

Mercedes AMG

There is just something so ultimately romantic about the notion that the original Mercedes was named after the car designer’s daughter. The car does live up to its name, and if you want the best, you have to consider the AMG line that Mercedes-Benz produces each year. This is always top of the line, hand-crafted production and this year’s Mercedes AMG is no exception.

When you buy one of these babies it comes with a “one man, one engine” philosophy that delivers an automobile with an engine designed by an individual and top notch Master Engine Builder. When this person has finished assembling your engine, it is with the assurance of someone who is at the top of their trade. In fact, it is so individual that each and every car has a plaque in it that has the signature of the Master Builder responsible for your individual car’s engine. Now that is taking it to the next level.

Cadillac CT6

Of course, when we talk about a luxury car, you really cannot leave out the Caddie as it is the name that says luxury. Yes, we all continue to connect this kind of car with 1950s starlets and perhaps later day mobsters – but those were always the folks who have the ready cash for the best.

The brand continues to impress as this particular model has anti-lock brakes, cruise control and of course a turbo engine that just won’t quit. Handles like a dream, as do most of the caddies I have ever had the pleasure to test out, and hold you in its sway as you glide down the street in the smoothest ride you will ever experience.

Jaguar XF

Nothing quite says you are driving this baby because you can, like driving a Jaguar. Heck even the hood ornament is too cool for school. But while the two models above are kinda old school rich, the Jag has gained a reputation as a car for those who like to live a bit on the edge and for a good reason.

With all that leather upholstery and fancy interiors, this is one luxury car that has some serious power under the hood. That 340hp intercooled engine is supercharged and ready to roar. It has all the standards of the others with the added cache of being sleek, smooth and beyond reproach. This is for the cats that really are too cool to drive your Dad’s Oldsmobile.