Tips for Repairing Dents on Your Car

Three things in life are certain: death, taxes, and dents on your vehicle. It doesn’t matter if you own a truck, a sedan, or a small coupe, it will get dented after a while. No matter how safely and cautiously you drive, it’s just impossible to prevent other drivers from hitting your car. There’s a very old saying which states that you should always drive as if everybody else on the road is stupid and is out to hit your car. Still, in all likelihood, you are probably likely to go to a workshop for dent repair within a few months of driving.

However, repairing vehicle dents is not as simple as it looks. Workshops that offer dent repairs in Perth generally use a variety of different techniques in order to remove dents from the car. If it’s a small dent, the company may use conventional paintless dent repair techniques to get rid of the dent. Using this technique, small dents can be repaired without damaging the external paint of the car. Here are some basic tips that can help you get rid of the dents on your car.

Wash and Clean

Regardless of the dent removal tool that you are using, it’s important that you wash and clean the area first using a clear piece of cloth. Remove all sorts of dirt and grime from your car and make sure that nothing gets in the way when you start removing the dent. Make sure that you assess the area carefully. Every dent is not the same, so you may have to use a different strategy for different types of dents.

Metal Rippled

If the impact was serious, it may cause ripples on the metallic surface of your car. If that happens, you may have to get the whole panel replaced rather than repair the dent. However, if you can’t see any metallic ripples on the surface, then removing the dent won’t be that big of a problem.


You might be surprised to know that the ordinary plunger is an incredibly effective tool for removing dents from the car. The plunger creates a vacuum and can literally suck out the dent. However, there’s a proper way of using the plunger. When applying the plunger, press it gently at a very slow rate in order to release the air from the side of the car and the plunger, thus creating a vacuum.

Once the air decompresses from either side of the plunger, hold it firmly and start pulling the tip back gently. You will hear a loud popping sound and the dent has pulled out. Keep in mind that using the plunger will remove the dent but it won’t repair the damage caused to the paint. There might be some small marks left on the side of the car after you pull out the dent. Overall, however, it’s a very simple and effective way of getting rid of minor dents from the car without causing further damage.