Visiting Perth: How to Get to the Airport on Time

Visiting Perth is a lot of fun, but there are some logistics you might need to know before visiting. This includes your trip back home. The airport is an unpredictable place, where halts are commonplace and missed departures are an unfortunate reality. If you’re visiting Perth, you’ll need to make sure you get to the airport on time. Here are some helpful suggestions to keep in mind when going to the airport for your departure.

Allot Time for Traffic

If you don’t live right next to the airport, then you’ll probably run into some traffic on the way. Traffic is predictable to an extent, such as during morning commute and just after the official workday ends. You can anticipate these traffic times and leave early if you’re going to be on the road during everyone’s busy commute. However, there are plenty of times where traffic might appear without warning and catch you off guard.

There are a few ways you can minimise traffic risk on the way to the airport. First, you can book a flight during times where cars are not usually crowding the road, such as during the middle of the day, late afternoon, and during the evenings after everyone has gone home. Second, you can simply leave earlier than you think you need to, just to allow for extra time in case there’s an accident on the road or construction halting traffic.

What if You Have a Rental?

If you’re using a Perth airport car hire, and it is recommended that you do if you’re visiting Perth, it is very important to get to the airport early to drop off the car. Here’s how the process works. Once you’ve landed, you’ll be granted access to a car you can use while you’re on your trip. Once you’re done, you have to return the car at the airport before you take off.


In addition to allowing time for traffic, you’ll need to make sure you have enough time to drop off the car. Because these rental places are efficient, you won’t need a lot of extra time. But you still don’t want to be late for your flight, so plan to spend an extra few minutes dropping off the car before you head to your terminal.

Taking Care of Luggage

If you have baggage with you, you’re going to need extra time to go through the baggage checkpoint. Some airports take a long time to check bags, so you need to allot time for this as well. An extra twenty minutes should be enough time for you to get through the checkpoint safely and walk to your terminal.

These tips will help you avoid a missed departure and get you on your next flight without unplanned delays. Be sure to allow time for unusual traffic, drop your car off early, and check any baggage you have with you. Once you’ve done all of these, you can board your flight and enjoy your safe journey home.