Why it is Important to get your Car Serviced

If you are the owner of a car then it is really important for you to ensure that the car you are driving is safe and legal.  With lots more cars going on our roads and the number of accidents relating to negligence of the vehicle still at unacceptable levels, the police will come down very hard on individuals who are not ensuring their car is safe.  It is a requirement in the UK for all car owners to have a MOT on an annual basis (after the first 3 years of the first registration) however the MOT will only cover the legally mandated checks.  You can get this completed at local MOT services who are approved by the authorities.


If you are lucky enough to have purchased your car from it being brand new then there will be some terms and conditions connected to the warranty.  Generally this is around getting your car serviced and checked out at specific milestones depending on the number of miles you have completed.  The normal first service milestone is 12,000 miles.  If you do not get this completed by an approved dealership (and get evidence of such) this can affect your warranty.  In addition to this, it could also affect the value of your car if you are going to sell it as generally the request is made to see the evidence of the full service history and your book stamped. 


Once a car has been purchased, there are some laws around when this should be checked.  If it is brand new then you get the pass to not do this for the first 3 years.  After this milestone to have this completed every year.  There are some exceptions, for example if the car is off-road and not being used.  The MOT is a standard checklist that is completed by approved dealerships and is a standard price also.  You can however add a service to your MOT where additional safety checks will be completed and your car will be topped up with oil and water.  If your car fails a MOT then you legally must have this fixed within a defined period therefore do not ignore any guidance from the dealership if there is a fail. 

Preventative Maintenance

Cars are not cheap and if something goes wrong with them, not only can this be extremely expensive but it can be a massive hassle.  Most people rely on their cars to take them to work therefore the removal of this could affect their job.  Taking as much pro-active measures to ensure that the car does not break down is recommended.  You can do some of these yourself in terms of things like lights, tyres and water however there are some activities that you would want to be completed by the industry experts.  At the core of all these messages, remember that a car that is not operating effectively affects you, your passengers and other road users safety.

Image: Pixabay